Well the title is lying. I have all the curves of a ruler. However, this belt has all the curves of…well, you maybe? Anyways, the point is that this is a curved belt, and I am here to tell you about why it is awesome. Because it is just that, so awesome!





To start this post out, I think we need some story time;





So, once upon a time, I lived with my friend Jami. She and I are the exact opposite body type. I am tall, have super long legs, and like I said, all of the curves of a ruler. Jami is pretty average height and pear shaped. So she has a tiny waist, and curves on the bottom. It was always fun shopping together because the same piece of clothing could look completely different depending on who was trying it on. That, and usually if one of us couldn’t pull something off, it would look amazing on the other person.





Something we both learned about clothes while shopping together is that they don’t make clothes to fit anyone. You always hear people say “I can never find clothes that fit right, because they only make them to fit models!”. Not to invalidate those people’s problems, but I am a former model, and clothes aren’t made to fit me either.





The worst offenders are jeans. I don’t think I will ever find a pair of jeans that I am 100% happy with, but that is another story for another day. Jami and I, of course had the exact opposite problems with jeans. I could never find a pair that was small enough in the waist, a straight enough cut, or worst of all, long enough (I’m convinced the fashion industry actually hates tall people). She could never find jeans that were a thick enough material, had enough room in the legs, and worst of all for her, didn’t gap in the waist. Even if she wore a belt, she’d have to wear it so cinched that it ends up getting ruined in the back.





Ok, so here is where we come back to the belt! As it turns out, there is a company that heard the cry for help from a thousand frustrated jean-gaping ladies. Embrazio took on the challenge, and just nailed it with their patented curved belts! Their belts are actually curved to fit your curves, and designed to prevent your jeans from gaping in the back!





Since this is a problem that I don’t experience quite as much, I brought Jami in to help me show you how awesome this belt is. Not to say that this belt isn’t great for ladies like me, with a straighter build. I have the Lato Curved Belt, and absolutely love it. It is comfortable, it doesn’t pinch, and it keeps my pants up like a champ! However, the jean-gap fixing magic is a little lost on me. So Jami is here to demonstrate how it does all those things, and keeps your waistband from popping out. Even when you’re doing active things, like climbing trees and finding the perfect lighting during golden hour.






I’m guessing she loves it, because she ended up wearing the belt for the rest of the night. It performed with flying colors throughout all the aforementioned tree climbing, park walking, and beer tasting we threw at it. I think its safe to say that it definitely earned the Jami stamp of approval!


In this look:
My outfit:
Belt: Lato Curved belt in Cognac by Embrazio
Top: Sold out from Madewell | Similar: one, two, three
Jeans: DIY distressed from the Gap
Boots: DKNYC Moto Boots found on Poshmark | Similar: one, two, three
Scarf: Thrifted | Similar: one, two
Fitness Tracker: Fitbit Alta HR with a brown leather band Similar band: one, two
Jami’s outfit:
Belt: Lato Curved Belt in Cognac by Embrazio
Top: Gap
Cardigan: Sold out from Free People | Similar: one, two, three
Jeans: Levi’s
Shoes: Nike Metcon 2 (if you’re looking for a good weightlifting shoes, these are awesome!)
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Photo credit goes to my sister, Kiersten.


Also, I’m just going to leave this gem right here. Shooting with friends is fun.


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