Holy cow, finding time when it’s NOT raining to shoot outfits right now is becoming impossible. Did you know that this is the wettest year on record for the Seattle area, and it’s only May!? (I had to resist the urge to write that in all caps, you’re welcome) Seriously though, we had already reached our yearly average rainfall for THE ENTIRE YEAR by March 14th! WHAT IS THIS!? (oops, failed at resisting)






Anyways, I digress. As people like to point out “I choose to live in one of the wettest parts of the country”, but this is just overkill. Way to go above and beyond Washington…






I’ve decided that I’m just going to start wearing my spring clothes in protest. I am getting wicked jealous of the rest of the country, and their beautiful spring weather (what is that even like?). I want to wear t-shirts, dresses, shoes that aren’t boots, and light jackets that aren’t rain shells too! Which brings us to today. I am attempting to peek out of my damp little cave, and just go for what I would like to be wearing for spring.






This cute little circle skirt from Hooked Productions was the perfect protest piece for this endless damp stretch we are in. It goes with everything, and is super airy and springy (well, springy for the rest of the country). I love it because it goes with basically everything, and the fabric is super soft and comfortable. Hopefully I’ll get to sport it in some seasonally appropriate weather at some point this year!






I paired it with an ivory button up tank top, some completely unnecessary red sunglasses, my favorite spring/summer hat, and a pair of red suede loafers for an optimistic “you’re not the boss of me, rain” look. I mean, I did have to include a sweater, because it’s still chilly and I’m not about to catch a cold just because I am in denial about the weather.






This outfit admittedly isn’t something I would reach for normally, but I ended up loving it! My style is by no means very girly, but every now and then its fun to play dress up. I don’t often stray from my comfort zone, but looks like this make me think I should do it more often!


In this look:
Skirt: Flutter Skirt in Indigo by Hooked Productions
Top: Thifted | Similar: one, two, three
Cardigan: BDG Parker Cardigan in Mustard from Urban Outfitters (Currently on sale!!)
Shoes: Red loafers from Modcloth, sold out Similar: one, two, three
Hat: Hat from Urban Outfitters, sold out | Similar: one, two
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Photo credit goes to my sister, Kiersten.

**This post is sponsored by Hooked Productions, but all opinions are my own!**

One thought on “Rain Rain Go Away, Please Don’t Come Back Another Day”

  1. Are you as psyched as I am that Seattle has finally figured out its SPRING these past two days??? Maybe your “protest” reminded the weather of what it is supposed to be doing;) Either way, I’ll take it! SUNSHINE!!!

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