So this is an annoying thing I’ve struggled with, basically since the day I got my first cell phone (Nokia 5110 anyone? No, just me? I think I just dated myself a little). There is just never a good place to store your phone when you’re out and about. For me personally, I end up putting it in my back pocket (assuming I’m wearing jeans that day). This usually works, except cell phones are getting bigger and bigger, and sitting down with them in your pocket has become not only uncomfortable, but you also risk shattering your screen if you sit on it wrong. On top of potentially damaging your phone, you also end up with this unavoidable fading on literally every pair of pants that you own.






The other option is to throw your phone in to whatever pocket your purse has for it, which lets face it, is never big enough. This leaves us stuck fishing around for our phones for way too long, or just missing any and all calls/notifications because you can’t even hear it under all the things you keep in your purse (no, just me again?). If you are like me, and normally carry a giant purse, you probably also end up thinking that you lost your phone about five times a day, because you literally can’t find it underneath all the other (totally necessary) junk in there.






Well, the answer is here friends! I have found a purse that accommodates your phone, and allows you to have quick and easy access to it! I recently discovered a leather brand called Embrazio, and even got the opportunity to chat with one of the co-founders and a few others from the company about their products. The brand actually started out as an equestrian brand trying to solve the problem of keeping your phone accessible while riding horses, and it evolved in to developing bags for everyone that keep your phone easily accessible without compromising style! They’ve also got some great leather accessories, like bracelets and belts that I am super eyeing for the future. Ebrazio is awesome because they have literally put thought in to the entire process of purchasing and owning one of their products. They focus everything from the functionality of the product, to the smell when you open the box containing it. Most all of their products have all kinds of functional pockets, and they are all made of really soft, water-resistant leather.





Now, I am a person that is incredibly picky about my purses, so it was hard to narrow down what I wanted, but I ended up getting their Media Lightweight Cross-body Bag in Crimson Red. I am trying to branch a little with purse colors, usually I’ll go for browns and blacks because they go with everything. I feel like this red will end up being really versatile this spring and summer though. When I received my bag, my second thought was “shoot, this might be too small”. I say my second thought, because my first thought was “holy cow, they super nailed the ‘smelling great when you open the box’ thing”. My normal “go to” purse for spring and summer is my big leather tote bag because it literally fits my entire life in it, so upon first glance the Media Bag looked way too small to me. Embrazio must have some sort of Time Lord technology in their purses though, because I swear it’s bigger on the inside. I can fit basically all my essentials in this purse, and I don’t feel like I’m compromising on convenience or anything. Sure maybe, I can only have one pair of sunglasses, and only three lip colors, but that is something I probably need to work on anyways.

Just for the record, this is what I consider “essentials” in my purse;

  • Wallet
  • Keys (I have a lot of them)
  • Cell Phone
  • At least three lip color options
  • Sunglasses (usually in a case)
  • Regular glasses (always in a case)
  • Chapstick
  • Dairy pills (the lactose intolerant struggle is so real)
  • Gum
  • Lotion
  • Headphones

As you can see, I don’t travel light and I’m not messing around.






I’ve been using my Media Bag for short days out, but this Sunday was the first real test I put it through. It was our first nice day since mid February (yea, seriously, I’m not exaggerating. We’ve only had nine sunny days since October, its been brutal), so naturally the entire city had plans to be outside. My sister and I decided to wander around the Ballard neighborhood for the day to check out the Farmer’s Market, and the cute stores in the area. It was the kind of day I needed a fully stocked purse for, because we didn’t really have a solid plan other than just wandering. I tend to get really anxious if I’m not prepared for the things I do and places I end up, so I really like to have my life in my purse for days like that. The Media Bag came through for my neurotic self with flying colors! I was able to be prepared for everything we did, and didn’t have to compromise on the things I packed for the day, like I normally would have to with a purse of this size.





I took the opportunity to wear my spring uniform, which usually consists of my favorite pair of boyfriend jeans, and a lightweight striped top. Seriously, I feel like I live in this when the weather is nice. The Media Bag was easy to carry all day, and a perfect pop of color to what is normally a pretty typical combination. The whole thing was perfect for wandering the neighborhood, and grabbing beers with my sister!


In this look: My purse is the Media Lightweight Cross-body Bag in Crimson Red, by Embrazio. My top is by Free People and sold out, but here is something similar. Jeans are the Deconstructed Perfect Girlfriend Jeans by Gap, and are a personal favorite. My leopard print loafers are thrifted, but here is a similar pair. Hat is Urban Outfitters, and sunglasses are from Moorea Seal.
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Photo credit goes to my sister, Kiersten.
*This post was in collaboration with Embrazio, but all opinions are definitely my own!

10 thoughts on “Bigger on the Inside”

  1. Your outfit looks adorable on you!! Wishing I could pull off that look like you can!! The bag is adorable too. I usually end up fishing through my monster purse to find what crevasse my phone has someone found its way into. Love the bright color of the bag you got!! I’m hoping that colors are headed back in! My sister is very into black, gray, and more black at the moment , and I think thats sad. So a bright lipstick red bag is perfect!!

    1. Aww thank you! I think you could definitely pull off this look! I had a hard time loving boyfriend jeans on myself until made myself go out in them one day. Turns it they looked great, and it was all in my head!

      I hope colors are coming back too. I love blacks and browns, but it’s nice to have a pop of color sometimes too!

  2. This is such a cool purse! I can totally relate to this post. Half the time I’m struggling to find my phone in my purse or struggling to put in my back pocket. That’s so cool that this purse has a special place for your phone!

    1. Haha, seriously, I think every lady knows the struggle all too well! It’s especially bad when you go to a public restroom and your phone decides to bail out of your pocket when you sit down! I hate having my phone in my purse normally, and it always tries to escape my pockets, so this purse has been such a great solution!

  3. Your outfit is #goals! Like, this is exactly what I want to wear all spring.

    That bag is super cute and I love how functional it is! I’ve been thinking of getting the Madewell bag you mentioned but I’m honestly a little worried about getting lost in it 😉

    1. Thank you! This is basically what I end up wearing all spring, it’s so comfortable.

      Also, that bag is the best! Don’t get me wrong, I love my Transport Tote, but I definitely get lost in it. It’s really nice to have a smaller purse that fits everything I need!

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