Today I want to talk about something near and dear to my heart. An issue that I have dealt with for my entire life. An issue that affects millions of people. An issue that I feel is constantly ignored. That issue is “tall people problems”.






I feel like you always hear about “short people problems”, but never the issues that come with being tall. For example, you always hear about how it’s hard not being able to reach things on high shelves, but never how it’s rough to have to constantly bend over to grab things. Or, how going to concerts is hard when you’re short because you can’t see, but not how its hard to be tall because you are the one getting kicked by crowd surfers. The issue that I hear about the most though, is how annoying it is to always have to hem your clothes. I hear about how annoying it is that jeans bunch at your ankles, and how dresses always hit too low.





I can see eye to eye (or not, get it?) with the plight of the short person on ever other issue, but as someone who is 5’10.5″ with a 34″ inseam, I will never understand this one. Recently I was shopping for a pair of high waisted black skinny jeans, and I think I was actually seeing red after about three months of failures. I just kept thinking “what I wouldn’t give to have to hem my jeans. At least you have the option to make them fit!”.






Well, someone out there heard my frustrations, because shortly after a big rant to my sister (who is also tall), I was contacted by eShakti about reviewing one of their custom made dresses! For those of you who haven’t heard of eShakti, they are an online store that does custom women’s clothing. They do everything from dresses to denim, and are really reasonably priced. When you create an account on their site, you have to fill out an extensive measurement profile of twenty-one different measurements, which was really impressive to me. They really are very thorough in getting the fit just right. The customization doesn’t stop at the measurements though, you are also able to customize all kinds of features on each item of clothing. I ended up picking their cotton knit fit-and-flare dress in black, and was able to adjust the neckline, sleeve length, dress length, and even add pockets!




For my dress, I went with a scoop neck neckline, pockets (no brainer there), and three quarter length sleeves. I wanted it to be a little more cold weather appropriate, because I don’t have very many dresses for fall and winter. The feature that I was the most apprehensive about was the length. I chose to go with knee length, because I like a longer dress that I don’t have to worry about. That, and I’ve been hurt before by dresses that claim to be knee length (they lie, they usually hit at mid thigh), so I was a little skeptical about whether they would get it right or not. When it came in the mail, I was thrilled! Everything was perfect on it, even the length. The shoulders fit, the pockets were perfect, and the material was nice and thick.

I paired my dress with a plaid blanket scarf, and ended up having to throw a coat over it. Even though spring is two weeks away, we still have snow in the forcast. Luckily the material on this dress is pretty think, and its got long sleeves, so I think I will get quite a few wears out of it before the weather warms up!

In this look: My dress is from eShakti, coat is from Old Navy, boots are from DSW, scarf is from Forever 21 and sold out but here is something similar, and my purse is a vintage Coach Station Bag, here are a few links for decently priced ones: one, two, three
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Photo credit goes to my sister, Kiersten!

10 thoughts on “Do a Little Twirl”

        1. Haha yea, the lack of extra fabric to work with is the worst. When Urban Outfitters chopped an inch of their “tall” inseam, my sister actually almost cried in the store. They were one of the list affordable places where she could get long pants!

          I think it’s definitely a “grass is always greener” type situation.

          1. Ooooh nooo, I hate it when brands do that! Yep, you always want what you can’t have. But also I do get to wear stupid shoes to make me taller, so I do think we have more ways around our height than you do! But you should stand tall and be proud whatever! 🙂

  1. Nice! I have a maxi from eShakti and apparently I measure badly because I need to have it hemmed. I’m also 5’10” but with a much shorter inseam of 28″, I can find jeans and pants. The problem for me is dresses or belted tops or sweaters — my torso is long so they never work. And jumpsuits…forget about it.

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