One thing that is really consistent with my personal style, is comfort. I’ll sacrifice a lot of things to make a piece that I love work, but comfort is not one of them. The result of this ends up being a closet full of oversized everything. The bigger the better (within reason of course), my husband hates it! I however, love it. Anything that can be thrown on easily, and still look my definition of stylish is a winner in my book! It makes me feel like I am getting away with something, like you shouldn’t be able to be this comfortable and still look put together at the same time.

This poncho (I know right? Another poncho!) from Modcloth hits all the marks for me. One, its sweater material, and I love that. Two, its a poncho, and I think we all know how I feel about those. Finally, three, the best feature of this poncho is that it has sleeves! Its like an amazing poncho sweater hybrid! The one thing about regular ponchos that I’m not a huge fan of, is that fact that they tend to rotate a little on me. However, with this one since it has sleeves, it never gets that chance. The sleeves also provide enough structure to the piece that wearing a purse, and actually functioning throughout my day isn’t difficult.

To really crank it up to comfort level 10, I threw on my favorite pair of leggings, and a chambray on underneath! I know that the world is really divided on leggings as pants, but I am pretty firmly in the pro leggings-pants camp. The leggings that made me turn to the dark side on this one, were Old Navy’s Go Dry Compression Leggings. They are completely opaque, and pass the squat test with flying colors. They are also compression, so they keep everything where its supposed to be, and they come in tall sizes. I got my first pair of these about three years ago, and they haven’t lost any of their stretch, and they are still completely opaque. They are the kind of leggings that make me feel totally fine about wearing them as pants!

Haters gonna hate.

In this look: My poncho is from Modcloth, leggings are Old Navy, hat is by Levi’s, boots are The Frye Company
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Photo credit goes to my sister, Kiersten.

15 thoughts on “Of Ponchos, and Falling for Fall”

  1. Looooove that poncho! I’ve been thinking of getting one for myself, and this is really making me want to pull the trigger and just get one already.

    Also, I am all for leggings as pants! Comfort is king!

  2. Oversized is life. All these pretty Autumn outfits I’m seeing pop up all over the bloggersphere is making me kind of sad that we’re currently at the start of the Spring season down in Australia.. and I freakin’ love Spring aha. That poncho is amazing – you’re rocking it, girl! I’ve been meaning to get myself a good poncho for the longest time now.

    Christie’s Take on Life. xx

  3. This whole look speaks to me on so many levels ?. I bought my first Poncho last year during Autumn and fell in love. Now, after reading your blog and feeling inspired from your IG, I’m actively on the hunt towards adding more varieties of ponchos to my wardrobe!

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