Ok, chapter four!

The fourth day of our road trip was mostly driving. The way that Nick and I made our very different road tripping styles work, was by compromising. On days with a lot of driving to get done, we followed Nick’s style. He is very destination oriented, and usually just wants to get where we are going. I however, love to stop all of over the place, so on days with less driving to do, we indulged my tendency to want to pull over every ten minutes, when we passed a lookout, or a cute little town.

Well, today I lucked out. Even though it was a day that we had about five hours of driving to do, neither of us could resist stopping in Carmel by the Sea. We had both been hearing how cute of a town it was since we landed in California, so despite the fact that we were only about two hours in to our drive, we stopped in for some lunch.

Lunch of course turned in to exploring the town, there were so many cute shops, and alley ways to check out. After getting our fill, we went down to the ocean for a bit before taking off. We met the cutest golden retriever puppy (I have a huge soft spot for goldens, I grew up with a wonderful one), and even saw some dolphins right off the shore!

For wandering Carmel by the Sea, I threw on a black maxi dress, hat, and bandanna. After a night of meeting new friends and camping, I wasn’t too keen on doing myself up for what I thought would be a long day of driving. I love this dress though, I tend to love anything that has an interesting or open back, and this dress totally hits the mark on that. I love that it is so easily dressed up and down. When we pulled in to Saint Helena later that evening, I was able to just throw on a nice necklace, change my shoes, and I was ready for a dinner at a nice restaurant. Versatile pieces like this were an absolute must for this trip.

In this look: My dress is from Urban Outfitters, sandals are Saltwater Sandals from Modcloth, sunglasses are Ray-Ban’s, and my hat is from Forever 21
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