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Confession, I have been completely obsessed with the idea of making it out to Big Sur for the last two years. I saw a picture on Instagram of a place that had yurts set up on a cliff side overlooking the Pacific Ocean, and I was completely sold. Both, Nick and I had “must stop” spots on this road trip, and this one was mine.

I didn’t really have a plan as to where I wanted to stay for the night, until we were looking through pictures of Big Sur to show some friends why we wanted to visit so badly. We ended up finding the exact picture of the yurts overlooking the ocean, that made me want to go so badly. As it turns out, the place was called Treebones Resort, and they had an available yurt for the night! We decided to call first thing in the morning, right when they opened to see if we could book it for the following night. Well, as my luck would have it, someone called thirty seconds before we did, and booked the yurt. I tried not to act too disappointed, because I know that Nick was upset about it too. We decided that we at least wanted to see what the place looked like, so we planned to stop in for lunch at their sushi bar.

The next day (day three of our trip) we pulled in to Treebones to take a look around. It was beautiful. Ocean views in front of you, and beautiful rolling hills behind you. We wandered in to their office to ask about what time the sushi bar opened, and saw that they sold tents in their gift shops. With rekindled hopes, Nick asked the front desk if they had a campground as well. Its turns out that they did, and they just had a cancellation, so there was a campsite available! We were so excited, it might not have been a yurt, but we both love camping, and had actually brought all of the camping gear we would need, just in case we had to spend the night in the car or something.

So we ended up buying a little two person tent, and setting up for the night. After we were settled, we checked out the pool until the sushi bar opened. Oh my god, that sushi bar! We did the “trust the chef” option, which meant that we got a little of everything, and I’m so glad we did. Literally everything we tried was so fresh, and so delicious. We ended up making friends with a couple from San Diego who were also on their honeymoon (they got married the same day as us!), and a couple from New York, that were out celebrating their recent engagement! I love making friends at places like this, so it was perfect. We hung out with them at the pool all night, then were on the road again in the morning. Not before enjoying a delicious complimentary breakfast, of course.

If you are ever in the Big Sur area, I highly recommend staying at the Treebones Resort, the staff was wonderful, the food was delicious, and the views were absolutely breathtaking.

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If you’ve made it through that particularly wordy post (sorry, I am just super in to that place!!) here are some of our personal snapshots from the day we spent at Treebones Resort!








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