Long time no see, guys! Sorry about the two week absence, things got a little crazy there with the wedding and the honeymoon. Now that I am back and in a normal routine again, I wanted to share all the amazing photos that we took on our honeymoon road trip through California. We took so many amazing photos for the blog, and some great ones of us and I can’t wait to get them all up!

So, I’m thinking I will make a separate post for all my favorite stops that we made. There are just too many cool things to cover all in one post, and each place was so different and beautiful that they all deserve their own spotlight!

I wanted to share some of our personal pictures that we took along the way at the end of each post as well. It seems appropriate, as this was our honeymoon, and a deeply personal trip for the two of us. It had the potential to be very challenging for us as a couple because we have such different road trip styles. Nick is all about getting to the destination, where as I am all about stopping at all the cool things that pop up along the way. I am so proud of how we both handled the trip though, we found a great balance that allowed us both to stay happy, and we ended up having an absolutely amazing time!

While I am getting to work on those posts, here are some pictures from our send off at the wedding! I’ll do a proper wedding post with all the details when I get my professional pictures back


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