Wow, is it 2018 already?






I’m just going to start by saying that I’m not a huge fan of resolutions. I have however, set a bunch of goals for myself that roughly coincide with the new year. The only real resolution I’ve made is to be more consistent with blogging, the rest just sort of happen to start around the beginning of the year!







I will say that I’m excited about the blogging goals. I took a bit of a hiatus there for a little while, and I’ve missed it! I had started a new job, and it kept me way busier than I was planning, and honestly burned me out on a lot of things in my life. I won’t go in to too many details, but basically I decided to part ways with that job and go back to school! That is one of the goals that just coincides with the start of the new year.






Going back to school is a big scary goal for me. I have been taking classes sporadically since I graduated high school, and basically have nothing to show for it. I ended up developing a lot of anxiety around the whole thing, and built it way up in my head as this impossible thing. Over the last couple years though, its becoming more and more apparent to me that in order to get a job that makes me happy, I’m going to just have to bite the bullet and face my fears. So I’m dipping my toe in and taking baby steps with just two classes this quarter. I’m super nervous, but also really excited to get on with my life and get through this!







Another goal I’ve got for this year is to travel more. Yea, yea, its not like that’s unique or anything right? Still though, over the last five years especially I’ve realized how important traveling is to me. I’ve decided that even if I don’t have the funds for international, or even cross country travel, that I’m going to try and see something new in my state at least once a month. My sister and I always talk about taking “sister trips” to ghost towns, or other cool places across the state, but we never end up doing it. I live in an incredible state, and I want to see more of it!






That resolution brings us to these photos! My sister, and I decided to take a trip up to the Cascade Mountains, and visit Lake Kachess (kah-chees). I’ve driven by this lake hundreds of times, and never actually made time to stop. So Kiersten and I grabbed my car and headed up to see the lake, and spend the day in the snow. We ended up having such a great mini adventure! We drove down a super snowy road in the middle of nowhere, and wandered around the shore of the lake. It was raining that day, but we live in Washington so what else is new, right? After a while the rain really started coming down, so we decided to take off, and head to Dru Bru, a brewery at Snoqualmie Pass, and finish the day off with a pint. All in all, it was a great day and I can’t wait for more Washington mini adventures!






The rest of my coincidentally starting at the beginning of the year goals are the usual things like eating better, and working out more consistently. Those are mostly boring (to me) though, and not worth mentioning.







Anyways, here it is, the first blog post of 2018. I am really excited to leave 2017 behind me, and see what this year has in store!

In this look:
Coat: Pile lined parka by H&M
Sweater: Lofty Bouclé-Knit Sweater by Free People
Backpack: Renaissance Backpack by Embrazio
Boots: Bean Boots by LL Bean (I love these when I’m in the snow!)
Leggings: Go Dry Compression Leggings by Old Navy (best leggings I’ve ever owned)
Scarf: Plaid Blanket Scarf by Forever 21, sold out | Similar: one, two
Photo credit goes to my sister, Kiersten. You can find her here
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