So, if you’ve been reading my blog for the last few months, first off I’d like to thank you (seriously though, you guys are amazing), secondly by now you probably know that it’s been the wettest year on record in Washington (I mean, I’ve only been complaining about it all fall and winter). Recently though, it seems like the weather has finally started shaping up, and acting like its summer. Which is nice, we wait all year (really its more like ten months) for the sun to show its face, and for it to be delayed is just cruel and unusual.






We technically aren’t in the clear yet though. The consistently nice weather doesn’t start (if it starts at all) until after the Fourth of July. Don’t ask me why, I know that the first day of summer is June 20th. Not here though, here the first day of summer is July 4th. Due to this meteorological anomaly, it’s important to have some good waterproof clothes, and shoes until that magical “first day of summer” arrives.






Enter these slip-ons by Cougar Shoes. I had actually been looking for a good black slip-on shoe for quite a while. I was finding some beautiful leather ones, but they were a little pricey for how I usually end up treating shoes like these. I tend to be a little harder on slip on style shoes, especially the ones I wear in the spring and early summer. Leather is definitely my preference for shoes about 90% of the time, but for this time of year, I prefer something I can just throw on and go out in. Not something that I need to worry about in the rain. They have to be able to take a little moisture and mud, because that is basically what this time of year entails.






Another thing that I am picky about when I am looking for shoes, no matter what the style, is the point of the toe. I think people end up developing pretty strong opinions about pointy toe vs. round toe shoes actually (No? Just me?), and I am firmly in the pointy shoe camp. I have no time for rounded toe shoes, Don’t get me wrong, I like them on other people, but they are just not my style. These shoes, happily, have a really great pointed toe shape. I think it gives them a bit of a classier look, especially for a pair of all-weather slip-ons! On top of that, I love their woven pattern, it creates a little bit more interest compared to a plain black shoe, and I am all about interest!






When these shoes arrived, I was really excited to put them through the ringer and see just how waterproof they really were. So many products claim to be waterproof, when in reality they just aren’t. Water resistant sure, but waterproof? Nah. There is a fountain nearby to where I live, and what better way to test how waterproof something is, than to literally dunk it in the water?






I’ve got to say, I am incredibly impressed. These slip-ons definitely passed the test, they kept my feet dry even while I was literally standing in about three inches of water. On top of that, they were comfortable right out of the box! I ended up wearing them around for the rest of the night, and never felt like I was going to get a blister (which is impressive, because I was wear rubber shoes with no socks). The only downside that I could see to them was that since they are rubber they obviously don’t breathe very well. So even though they are waterproof on the outside, they get a little sweaty on the inside. I think that Cougar Shoes must have thought of this though, because the lining of these slip-ons is removable. Meaning that when they get a little, shall we say, fresh, you can take the lining out and wash it! Problem solved!


In this look;
Shoes: Swoon Rain Shoe, by Cougar Shoes
Top: Central Shirt, by Madewell
Sweater: Thrifted cardigan by Coincidence & Chance from Anthropologie | Similar: one, two
Jeans: Super High Rise True Skinny Jeans, by Gap
Glasses: Sepulveda Frames, from Zenni Optical
Wanna be Loved Necklace, by Ettika | Similar: one, two

Photo credit goes to my sister, Kiersten. You can now find her at @kierstentakesphotos on Instagram!

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15 thoughts on “I’m Walking on Raindrops, and Don’t it Feel Good!”

  1. I’m *definitely* getting these shoes! I am constantly searching for waterproof shoes as I’m from Washington state but I live in London … both places that see a lot of rain. I don’t want to wear full on wellies when I’m just getting on the tube going to work (those are reserved for countryside walks) and I can’t find a pair of ankle-boots I like, especially to wear in the summer, so these are cute AND perfect!

    xo Jaime

    1. Hooray, I’m so glad you like them!

      Haha, that weather must not have been too much of an adjustment for you over there! I was in England a few years back, and felt right at home as far as the climate went!

  2. I’ll have to check out these shoes- I love that they are still stylish while being waterproof! I’m glad the weather there is starting to shape up! In Illinois we have wet springs and falls but in summer it’s hot and dry. Here it has been over 90 degrees and sunny for the past two weeks!

    – Katie

    1. Yea, they are super cute! I feel like I definitely have had a hard time in the past with finding a balance between fashion and function when it comes to waterproof, so I am loving these!

      Also that sounds about the same as here! We are pretty damp in the fall/winter/spring, then for about two months in the summer (we hope) it is gorgeous and hot!

    1. Haha thank you so much! My sister is a pretty talented photographer. She is also a hair stylist so I am a pretty lucky girl when it comes to those two things. I definitely want to do tutorials for a few of the hairstyles I have in this blog though. There need to be more tutorials out there for people who are awful at doing hair like I am!

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