Washington is famous for a few things; off the top of your head you might think of coffee, seafood, grunge, rain, and more coffee. One thing you might not have guessed though, is that we are pretty famous for our Tulip Festival! Every April, about an hour north of Seattle in the Skagit Valley you will find fields upon fields of colorful tulips. People come from all over to see them, and for a good reason, they are gorgeous!






I haven’t been up to see the tulips in years. I always seem to remember that its happening just a little too late, and the tulips are gone, or nobody wants to go with me. It’s one of those things that I know I take for granted. There are so many things that make Washington a beautiful place to live, and I definitely don’t take advantage of them nearly as often as I should.






Nick and I are trying to get better about getting out of town to go do things that are outside of our usual habits. Between new jobs, busy schedules, and the constant dreary weather, we have found ourselves a little house locked lately. So last weekend we took the opportunity to head on up to Mt Vernon for some quality tulip time!






We had originally planned to go two weeks ago, but as has been par for the course this year, it was bucketing that day. It was supposed to be drizzly this weekend too, but at this point if you let that stop you, you will never get out of the house! So we packed up our cameras, and headed out!







It, of course, started raining as soon as we got out of the car. Luckily though, it only lasted the fifteen minutes or so that we were standing in line to get in. Shockingly, the weather actually ended up cooperating really well for us! It wasn’t nice out by any means, but the rain held off the whole time we were outside. The rain didn’t pick up again until we headed out to the Skagit River Brewery for some lunch. Thanks Washington!







It was a little challenging trying to decide what to wear for our tulip trip. I had my heart set on something springy and fun. However, with the weather as unpredictable as its been, I had to make sure that I would also be able to take a day of wandering around squishy, muddy tulip fields. Even Nick had a rough time picking shoes that he didn’t mind getting potentially dirty.








I ended up in this little dress from Madewell, some boots that I didn’t mind getting dirty, a light jacket (without a hood, what was I thinking?), and of course a hat! I have been looking for a versatile little boho dress a long time, and I think I finally found it in this one! I feel like this is something I could wear to everything from a wedding, to a festival! It’s nice and springy, but also something I could totally see myself wearing in the winter as well!


In this look:
Dress: Lace-Up Dress by Madewell, sold out | Similar: one, two, three
Jacket: Forever 21, sold out | Similar: one, two, three
Boots: DKNYC Moto Boots, found on Poshmark | Similar: one, two, three
Hat: Wesley Fedora by Brixton
Backpack: Shein
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Photo credit goes to my husband, Nick.

Bonus photo, look at those crazy kids!


8 thoughts on “Tiptoe Through the Tulips”

  1. This is a gorgeous tulip festival! I went for the first time to one in Abbotsford, Canada, but I loved it so much that I’m considering going next year to the one you went to! You look adorable in your boho outfit among all those tulips! I wish I wore better shoes, my sandals ended up all muddy…
    Too bad the sun wasn’t out when you went there, but good thing it didn’t rain for too long at least ?

    Sabina | I’ve Got Sunshine

    1. I was just thinking the same about the tulip festival you went to! It looked so beautiful, and I love trips to Canada!

      Also, oh no about your sandals getting muddy, I hope they were ok afterwards! They predicted rain for the day we were up there, so I definitely played it safe in some boots. I would have loved to wear sandals though!

  2. tulips are my favorite. love your outfit and your appreciation of flowers!

    Much love,
    Ashley | dearash.com

  3. I’ve always wanted to see the Washington Tulips! I love flowers. I totally know what you mean about being house locked lately. It’s been a busy May! I’m ready for some adventures and down time for sure.

    – Katie

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