Ok, so this post has been a long time in the making. It’s got all the fixins’ for a really good romantic comedy, which honestly is not my jam at all. Give me a good horror movie over a chick flick any day! In this one case though, I will say that I’d rather have a romantic comedy situation.

Anyways, what is this hilarious comedy of errors that has a happy ending, you ask? Well, its my first tooth whitening experience! You’ll laugh, hopefully you won’t cry, and you’ll leave with a nice warm fuzzy feeling.

It all begins with me, and my teeth (as love stories often do). I have always liked my teeth just the way they are. I’ve never had a cavity, I’ve never needed braces (much to the dismay of my childhood self, I wanted them so bad!), and finally, despite being a barista for eight years, I’ve always felt like they were pretty white. So when Smile Brilliant came to me asking for a review for their teeth whitening product, I was a little skeptical. Like I said, I never really thought I needed to whiten my teeth, but that didn’t mean I wasn’t super curious about it! This is my “before” photo, and my teeth definitely aren’t yellow, but I suppose they could use some improvement.


So, the first step to this process is getting your custom fitted teeth whitening trays. Normally something like this would cost a fortune, but with Smile Brilliant you can get the whole shebang for $159! The trays were really easy to make, you just mix two provided putties together, and bite! After returning your impressions back to Smile Brilliant, they send you your custom trays within about a week! After receiving my trays, I immediately jetted off to France, so it took a while for me to actually get down to whitening business. The timing was perfect though, because I swear my teeth were a shade pinker after all the red wine I had in Paris!



This is where the drama plays out; after my trip, I finally had some time to sit down and start whitening. I took out all the gels, read the instructions, and started at it. First you use the whitening gel, then the desensitizing gel. So that is exactly what I did. The nice thing about whitening your teeth with Smile Brilliant, is that you are able to get a professional quality whitening in the convenience of your own home. So I popped in my trays, set a timer, and played some video games (Final Fantasy XV) while I waited. Since I had never whitened my teeth before, I opted to just leave the trays on for 45 minutes.





Forty five minutes later I eagerly took my trays out to see what magic had taken place. To my absolute dismay, I discovered that my teeth now had white spots all over them. I have never had these before, and I took to the internet (always a mistake) to see if it was permanent. The internet said yes. I panicked, ordered super expensive special toothpaste, and emailed Smile Brilliant’s customer support to see what they suggested. They got back to me super fast, and were really reassuring. They told me that this is called “decalcification”, it can happen when your teeth are dehydrated, and that they would send over some extra desensitizing gel, because that is partially what it is there for. I unfortunately didn’t take any pictures of my spotty teeth. I was kind of devastated, and it was right before bed. Here is an interesting article about it though.

Finally for the conclusion of our tale. I cautiously kept at it for the next couple weeks, making sure to use plenty of the desensitizing gel, and not to whiten more than twice a week (not their recommendation, that’s just what put my mind at ease). The spots faded, and my teeth definitely look whiter! So I think in the end, I would definitely recommend this product if you have experience with whitening your teeth, or just if you are more aware of the state of your teeth than I was.

after sb

Overall the experience was good, despite the spots. This is my “after” photo, and I definitely think my teeth look whiter. I was really impressed with Smile Brilliant’s customer service, and willingness to do everything they could help me through my little “spot crisis”. It was definitely a nice way to pamper myself in a way that I hadn’t tried yet!

Also, this is exciting; Smile Brilliant is putting on a giveaway, so you could have the chance to try their whitening system for free!

You can follow this link to enter the giveaway!

If you don’t feel like entering, but are still curious about it, feel free to use my coupon code for 5% off. My code is thefaithfulfashionista5

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