So, I have a bit of a bitter bone to pick with the fashion world lately. I keep seeing all these posts and ads about spring fashion, the weather warming up, and how excited everyone is to put their winter coats away. Well, if you live in the Pacific Northwest, especially Washington, you know that we actually still have about two and a half more months of cold winter weather left. Maybe three depending on what kind of year it is.






Here in Western Washington, this is how our seasons go; six months of winter, wind storm season, summer, two weeks of fall, repeat. While the nice weather is starting up for the rest of the country, and spring fashion starts hitting the shelves, us Washingtonians settle in for the remainder of winter and prep for the wind storms that we call spring. There is no such thing as a seasonal wardrobe here, you need to keep all your clothes out and accessible, because even in the summer there can be random 45 degree days. One year, we even had a snow storm in April!






It’s not all bad though. To be fair, you kind of sign up for it when you move here. Plus, our summers are so amazing that it’s all worth it in the end. All the storms, rain, and gloom make everything so lush and green. Seattle summers really can’t be beat (sorry, not sorry everywhere else). The mountains are just a short drive away, there is a festival of some sort to go to almost every weekend, and the whole area just comes alive. People start digging out their sunglasses, and hiking boots, and drag themselves out of their homes that they’ve been holed up in for the last six months. Sure, there is that awkward period when everyone tries to wear shorts for the first time, and our legs are blindingly pale, but that probably happens everywhere right? Right!?









While the rest of the country transforms in to spring, I’m just going to be over here, living in sweaters and scarves, still donning my winter jacket for the next few months. It’s ok though, it’s actually been made a little easier after finding this incredible Zara sweater! I bought it on a whim in Paris, because I didn’t anticipate such cold weather while we were there, and I am so glad I did. It’s so versatile, and can be thrown over almost anything. It is super oversized (basically tent shaped!) which makes it an instant winner for me, and on top of everything, it’s wool! My favorite way to wear it, is just with leggings, and some sort of collared shirt underneath, in this case a flannel for even more warmth! So if you need me, I’ll be in the land of long winters, huddled up in my cozy hidey hole still basking in warm sweaters and hot cocoa for another two months.


In this look: My sweater is from Zara, flannel is thrifted but here is a similar one, glasses are from Eyebuydirect.com, boots are by Snow-Tec, hat is from a Paris flea market, my necklace is from the amazing Splendor & Stone, you can also find her on Instagram
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Photo credit goes to my husband, Nick.

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  1. I really loved this post! I can’t get enough of winter and the snow, so I’m annoyed as well when people say they’re ready for spring. I honestly don’t own summer clothing haha. This look is so put together and chic! Loooove the hat ?

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