I’m officially back from my Paris trip (don’t worry, photos galore are on the way)! It was amazing, and I can’t wait to post about all the adventures we had while we were there. That isn’t what this post is about though. This post is about that awful twilight zone period of not having any of your favorite clothes available to you, because you packed all of them, and they are now dirty from being on vacation.





In case you hadn’t guessed, I am in that twilight zone. I, of course, brought most of my favorites on my trip with me, and now am left with a closet full of clothes that I rarely wear. Well, stuck until I decide to tackle four loads of laundry, which lets face it, may never happen.






The point is, is that I am being forced to come face to face with things I haven’t worn in a while, or have forgotten about. Its not always a bad thing to be faced with the dark side of your closet though, I have been finding things that I sort of forgot existed in there, and old favorites are becoming tentative new favorites!






Today, in the far reaches of my closet, I found a cardigan that I bought a few months ago from Nordstrom Rack. I am actually a little ashamed that I lost track of this, because it is so comfortable, and I loved it so much when I bought it. I feel like I am always super drawn to olives, especially when it is a coat, or sweater like this. It is a perfect neutral, and goes with pretty much everything. I love that while being a neutral, it still adds some color to whatever you wear it with!





I paired it with a linen tank, my Carmen San Diego hat, the scarf my old roommate crocheted for me, and some metallic Madewell flats that I found on Poshmark for a screamin’ good deal. It was perfect for a nice walk through the park on a chilly day!


In this look: My cardigan is Willow & Clay from Nordstrom Rack (the green is sadly sold out), my hat is from Garage Clothing, jeans are from The Gap, shoes are Madewell bought from Poshmark these gold loafers are similar though!
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PS: Have you met my new friend? He is hilarious.


3 thoughts on “Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego”

  1. If I had to wear clothes that hang out in the back of my closet, my outfit wouldn’t be anywhere near as cute as that. I would be rocking some stretched out ripped jeans (and not the cute strategically placed rips) and a faded t-shirt with a stretched out neck line and my 8 year old Dansko clogs (lets face it, I still wear those around the house and in the garden). Alas, reason number 782 why I could not be a fashion blogger;)

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