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There is nothing like a little staycation to really make you appreciate the area you are from. I feel like this has been a common theme for me lately.


downtown seattle

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Nick was in a wedding over the weekend, and instead of figuring out transportation to and from our place to the venue etc., we opted to just get a hotel room downtown for the night. We ended up at the Warwick Hotel in Seattle’s Belltown neighborhood. I actually stayed there for my 21st birthday a while back too, this time was much much  better though (who’s 21 run really ever goes as planned anyways, right?) Our room had a great view of the city, waterfront, and would have had a great view of the Space Needle if not for a very inconveniently placed crane. Its fine, I live here, I can see it any time anyways. I had about five hours to kill while Nick was doing wedding party things, so I took advantage of my free time and did some good old fashion aimless wandering!


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When I was deciding what to bring for the weekend, I packed mostly for the wedding. I didn’t really want to get bogged down with a huge bag, and really, we were just there for one night. So I threw a stripped t-shirt under a moto jacket, added some heeled combat boots, and a beanie, and ended up feeling like kind of a badass! Also, as an added bonus, I didn’t even really need the jacket in the afternoon. I think it must have almost reached 60 degrees, which felt downright toasty compared to the last few weeks!


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After doing some much needed shopping for my upcoming trip to Paris, my sister came and met me downtown. We hit up Cloudburst Brewing, which has some of the most unique beers I’ve ever found in a Seattle Brewery. Seriously, just read this description of the Deep Throat brown that I had;

“Inspired by the original recipe for Ricola cough drops, we steeped this brown ale in Yarrow, Horehound, Lady’s Mantle, Sage, Marshmallow, Plantain, Peppermint, Hyssop, Enderflower, Linden Flower, Thyme & Lemon Peel. Clear your throat, and blow that Alphorn.”

Sounds amazing, right? It was.


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When it finally came time to head to the wedding, I was just a quick cab ride from Sodo, where the venue was located! Seattle really isn’t a very big city, you can generally walk most of it. What you can’t walk, you can cab just about anywhere in about ten minutes, for about $10 (except for maybe West Seattle, that place is an island). There is a different neighborhood every couple blocks, and each one has its own unique vibe. I am definitely lucky to live in such a cool place!


In this look: My jacket is by Topshop and from Nordstrom. My t-shirt is from Target but no longer available, this one is similar though! My shoes are by Ziggy Soho from DSW. My jeans are from the Gap. My beanie is from Levi’s. My little purse is from Forever 21.
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Photo credit goes to my husband, Nick.


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