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I’m just not going to get over my trip to Port Townsend. It was my first taste of nice weather and the outdoors since the weather turned, and that always gives me a happy high on how beautiful this state is for the next few weeks. It got me thinking about all the camping, hiking, and other outdoor things I have planned for the summer, and the fact that I get to finally take my first backpacking trip! I can hardly wait, and it’s making me all antsy about all the time I have in between now, and all the exciting things that are planned for the year.


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For this little trip, I packed the bare minimum (that I am capable of at least). I didn’t want to be bogged down, and I was sharing 600 square feet with seven other people. I even ended up downsizing my purse! That doesn’t sound like a big deal, but as someone who always has two pairs of glasses, and at least one pair of sunglasses in their purse at all times, it’s definitely a form of “roughing it” for me. That, and I wanted to see how I would function using my new camera bag as a purse.




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I recently got the Sienna bag from Jo Totes, and it is just a dream! It ended up fitting everything I needed, and then some. Seriously, it fit two lenses, my SLR, lipstick, a pair of glasses and sunglasses, lactaid pills (the struggle is real),  my wallet, my phone, and a snack. On top of being some sort of magical Mary Poppins bag, it is just my style. It has a vintage feel to it, lots of pockets, and the leather is “my brown” (almost every leather item I own is that cognac brown). Back in September when I went on my honeymoon, I was just throwing my camera in my purse and hoping for the best. Luckily nothing terrible happened to it, but it made me really nervous to not have it in a bag that would protect it properly. The Sienna bag is thoroughly padded, and creates a pretty hard casing around your camera. It’s definitely a weight off my shoulders to know that its safe in there.


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On top of being adorable, it is super durable (adurable? Har har har). I take really good care of my clothes, but my purses tend to take quite a beating. When I was younger, I would just buy cheap purses (which there is nothing wrong with), wear them in to the ground, then replace them. Unfortunately those habits carried on even after I started buying nicer bags. The Sienna bag seems up to the challenge of being my purse though. It was banged around, rubbed against a rough brick wall, and thrown on the ground all weekend, and there isn’t a scratch on it! I have full faith that it will stand the test of time, even with me as its owner!


In this look: My camera bag/purse is the Sienna Bag from Jo Totes shirt is Free People and sold out but this one is very similar, cardigan is thrifted but is BDG from Urban Outfitters and similar to this one, shoes are Frye Harness Boots found at Buffalo Exchange, leggings are Old Navy, and hat is Levi’s
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Photo credit goes to my husband, Nick.

3 thoughts on “My Own Mary Poppins Bag”

  1. That camera bag is dreamy!! I love Port Townsend too!! The whole Olympic Peninsula its outdoor heaven – a backpacking and camping dreamland! We have a cabin near there and something about that ferry ride makes me feel like we are much further away than we are.

    1. Right? It feels way further away than it is, and you’re right, everything outdoors there is just beautiful! We are definitely lucky to have such a paradise close by!

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