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I know this is crazy, but sometimes I totally forget how incredible Washington is. I know, right, how nuts is that? I think sometimes I get so in to my own routine, and places, that I forget to take advantage of this amazing state! Luckily for me, I have a great group of outdoorsy friends, that always seems to pull me out to explore when I need it. Seriously, we have quite the lineup this summer. There will be camping, hiking, and backpacking (finally!) galore, and I am so excited to take you along to all the places we go!


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Anyways, this weekend I packed up, and trekked out to beautiful Port Townsend (a town on the Olympic Peninsula)  for stay at a friend’s family cabin. It was a cute little place out on Beckett Point, probably no more than 600 square feet, which is a bit of a squeeze for eight people, but we are all pretty close so the cramped quarters wasn’t too big of a deal. We were there to celebrate two of my friends’ birthdays, they are twins, and celebrate we did! It was a wonderful weekend (despite the Seahawks losing) full of beach combing, exploring Port Townsend, and just chilling.


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If we are being honest here, I didn’t really put a whole lot of emphasis on being ultra put together this weekend. I am not really the best packer for trips (Paris is terrifying me right now), and I tend to over pack like crazy when I try to pack cute outfits. This weekend was just not about that for me, that, and there wasn’t enough space for it anyways. As a result I tried to keep the over packing, and stressing over what I wanted to wear to, to a minimum. So I made like a true Seattleite, and mostly just packed flannels. They are a great go to for things like this, because you can throw them over a t-shirt, under a sweater, or just wear them on their own! I ended up bringing my WABL (that stands for Washington Beer Lovers) flannel, I picked this beauty up at my favorite beer festival last summer. I just threw it over my go to traveling shirt, which is super comfy striped boat neck top from Free People.


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The one thing that I brought, that I was super excited about however, were my Bean Boots! I finally got around to exchanging the pair I got last year, for a pair that fits. They were so perfect for wandering around the rocky beaches at the cabin. Puget Sound doesn’t really have many sandy beaches, most of them are rocky, and full of jagged things that require really good shoes to walk on. If you don’t have shoes with thick soles, you are going to have a bad time. Luckily my Bean Boots were exactly what I needed to explore the beach, climb on drift wood, and find good skipping rocks!


In this look: My flannel was purchased at the Washington Brewer’s Festival put on by WABL, my striped tee is Free People and sold out but very similar to this one, beanie is from Herschel Supply Co., and my boots are Bean Boots from LL Bean.
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Photo credit goes to my husband, Nick.

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