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Whew, does the busyness of the holiday season get to anyone else? I feel like I’ve been running around and busy for the last month and a half, and have barely had a chance to catch my breath! I took  a much needed vacation, and a little break from social media over the last week, and I think it was just what I needed. A few things in my life have been completely uprooted over the last two weeks, and I’m not complaining (to you guys at least, haha), but I think I definitely needed a good step back from things to get my perspective right again.

One of the huge changes that has happened, is my job moved from downtown Seattle, to Renton. If you aren’t from the Seattle area, then that likely means nothing to you. However, it means that I have gone from busing to work (which I absolutely loved, hello 45 minute nap!) to driving again. This also means that I no longer get to wander around downtown on my lunch breaks, and I am no longer at the mercy of the elements. I will miss being downtown so much, there is always something to do, but I am trying to see the positives in this situation. I have decided try to focus on all the things I have gained, and learned by working there for the last year, in order to remain positive about this huge change.

One of the things that I learned immediately from taking the bus this year, was that a good versatile coat is an absolute necessity. When all was said and done, from my apartment, to my bus stops, to work, I walked about a mile outside every morning and evening. I love Washington, but it has a reputation for being rainy for a reason. It might not always be a downpour, but it is very wet and cold in the Fall and Winter. I have basically lived in this coat from H&M for the last year, it got me through everything from wind storms, to snow storms. I’ve actually had this coat for about three years now, and it is a staple for me in the Fall and Winter. It isn’t technically waterproof, but it has always managed to keep me warm, and dry. I love that the color goes with basically everything, and the pile lining makes it super cozy.

When I was shopping around, I really wanted that olive green parka that everyone seemed to have at the time, but since it was so popular it was sold out everywhere I looked. I finally found this one at H&M, on sale for around $40, and snatched it up, despite the color being wrong (or so I thought). I ended up loving it even more than the olive coats I had been looking at. The fact that it is a little more neutral, means it goes with basically everything I own! Another wonderful thing about this coat is that the sleeves go well past my wrists. I am 5’10.5″, and very long limbed, so I usually don’t get to be very picky about sleeve length. Most of my jackets hit right at, or just above my wrists, and I have just kind of given up on caring about it. This one is such a breath of fresh air though, I feel like a normal sized person in it! Granted, I did size up to a 10, just so I could fit sweaters and layers underneath, but it is a really wonderful bonus to have sleeves that are long enough.

I brought this coat to Couer d’Alene with me two weeks ago. Full disclosure, I did also bring a super heavy winter jacket (which I’ll link as well, because it was seriously amazing), because even this guy can’t stand up to 10 degree highs for the day. It was great for just walking around town when I didn’t want to be in my big fluffy parka though. I paired it with

In this look: This is my exact coat (the color isn’t available), and here is one in a similar color and style both are from H&M, my flannel is from Madewell, my beanie is Levi’s, boots are from Target, and glasses are from Eyebuydirect! The other coat that I brought on my trip (not pictured) was by BCBG Generation, purchased from Nordstrom Rack
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Photo credit goes to my husband, Nick.

2 thoughts on “Let’s talk about coats baby, let’s talk about you and me”

  1. I love your hair, I love your glasses and I love your lipstick! You must have been frozen in that snow, I’ve never seen so much! Here in London we hardly ever get snow and if we do it’s only a couple inches and everything grinds to a halt!
    Good luck with your new commute, changes can suck but sounds like your taking the right positive attitude and you never know where this new change might lead to something extremely exciting could come of it, who knows!
    Also I’m really glad you commented on my blog as it has lead me to yours! Off to make a nice cup of tea and read your back log of posts!
    Happy new year!

    1. Oh my gosh, this might be the loveliest comment I’ve received all year! That snow was crazy, it was a high of 10 degrees that day, which is so freezing for me! I’m used to 45 degrees! Seattle shuts down when it snows too, how funny!

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