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Here we are, at our second sweater of Christmas!

One of my favorite brands to find at a thrift store is Pendleton. Really, anything by them is an instant winner in my book. They are a great brand, they almost always use wonderful, natural fabrics, and their clothes last forever. Even if it doesn’t fit me, I’ll usually pick up whatever I can find by them. Chances are, someone I know will love it, or I know I can always consign their stuff for a good price!

This sweater is a vintage Pendleton sweater I found over the last year or two. This one is great because its all wool, making it super cozy and warm. I love the patterns on it, the white bit reminds me of lace or something a little daintier, which I think is a great addition because the sweater itself is pretty bulky and oversized. It has got a bit of a bubble hem to it, which I tend to like (I know not everyone is in to that) with something like skinny jeans, or leggings. I paired this lovely sweater with a hat, and my brown Frye booties.

Most of the outfits that I use my ugly sweaters in are pretty bare bones casual. The sweaters are the star of the show, and they don’t usually need many accessories or frills. I tend to gravitate towards them when its really cold, and I just want something easy that will keep me warm!

In this look: My sweater is thrifted and by Pendleton, jeans are from Gap, hat is from Clementine Vintage, booties are The Frye Company
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Photo credit goes to my sister, Kiersten

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