So all around the fashion blogosphere I am seeing holiday themed posts, and I wanted to join in. However, I’m not really one for gift guides (you guys know how to shop for you families better than I do, I’m sure), and I don’t like to tell you what to do in general! There is nothing wrong with those types of things by any means, they just aren’t my jam. So I’ve been over here trying to figure out something holiday themed that I could share with you guys, and after much mind wracking, I’ve finally got it!

I am going to do a “Twelve Ugly Sweaters of Christmas” series for the next couple weeks! By now, I’m sure you have all noticed my love for everything thrifted and cozy, and I love the idea of being able to share some of my favorite things in my closet with you. So each sweater post will feature an “ugly” sweater that I have picked up over the years!

All that said, lets get started shall we?

Today I am featuring a green and white Nordic print sweater that I picked up at a thrift store last year. This sweater quickly became one of my favorites over the course of the year, because even though its obviously fairly old, and maybe wasn’t created with current fashion in mind, it still has a bit of a cropped cut to it, and is super slouchy. It honestly looks like something I could get off the shelves from Urban Outfitters or something similar to me. I love how long its sleeves are, and the colors are really neutral, so I can pair it with most anything. I wear this one a lot, and mostly just opt to wear it just as its pictured here, with a beanie, scarf, and boots. This sweater came with me on all my camping trips this summer, it is super easy to wear, warm, and comfortable, which made it the perfect thing to just throw on by the campfire.

In the first look: My sweater is thrifted, my beanie is from Levi’s, skinny jeans are from Gap, boots are The Frye Company found at Buffalo Exchange
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Photo credit goes to my sister, Kiersten

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