A few years ago I was perusing through Target, as people often do (They often do that right? It’s not just me? ), and I stumbled upon a pair of boyfriend jeans on sale for $12. I had wanted so badly to find a pair that worked for my body type, but alas, it seemed like every pair of boyfriend jeans were meant for ladies with some amount of curves. I have all of the curves or a ruler, so I had resigned to just never finding something that worked for me. However, something possessed me to bring that particular pair in to the dressing room. They were only $12, so even if I bought them and never wore them, it’s not like they would set me back very much anyways. Well, as it turned out, they were perfect and I was in love. I had finally found my perfect pair of boyfriend jeans!

These are not those jeans. Those jeans and I had two perfect years together, until I wore them in to the ground. I still have them, but the cute holes are now not so cute, they are gaping and unsightly. My mom, and husband finally wore me down, and convinced me they just look ratty now, and I probably shouldn’t wear them out anymore.

There is a happy ending to this story though! I have been searching for the perfect pair to replace my beloved Target jeans for probably two years now, and I’ve finally found a winner! The Alex Boyfriend Jeans by Jag Jeans must have heard my prayers because they are the perfect replacement! One of the things that I loved so much about my old jeans, was that I had worn them so much, that they had become super soft, and so comfortable. I had put a lot of work in to wearing down the stiff denim, and making them in to a fuzzy stretchy joy to wear. These jeans by Jag, like all their other denim pieces, just started out that way! There will be no awkward “getting to know, and like you” phase, because they seriously feel like I’ve been wearing them for years already! I love that they are the perfect amount of baggy, while still being form fitting in the right places. I feel like I can dress them up with a tighter top and heels and wear them on a night out, or dress them down with a giant sweater and a band t-shirt. They are so versatile! Plus, the fact that they don’t have big premade holes like my old pair. So that means that a poorly placed squat (what, you don’t just do squats randomly?) won’t mean ripping open a cute hole, and making it in to a not so cute hole, which eventually was the demise of my old pair, may they rest in peace.

I ended up sizing up with these jeans, and got a size 6 instead of my usual 4. I prefer a baggy look to my boyfriend jeans, so I wanted to ensure that they would provide that for me. I paired them with an old band t-shirt from one of my favorite bands, and an oversized mustard sweater. It was the perfect outfit for a lazy Sunday out with my sister. We grabbed coffee at the shop I used to work at, wandered around town for a while, and finally went back to my place for a day filled with cozy blankets, cats, and horror movies (they’re kind of our thing).

In this look: my jeans are the Alex Boyfriend Jeans by Jag Jeans, my t-shirt is discontinued shirt from a Brand New concert however they always have great shirts to choose from, mustard cardigan is the BDG Parker Cardigan from Urban Outfitters, beanie is from Levi’s, glasses are Eyebuydirect, my purse is a vintage Coach, and my leopard print loafers are thrifted.

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Photo credit goes to my sister, Kiersten.

*This post was sponsored by Jag Jeans. However, all opinions are definitely my own!

11 thoughts on “Lazy Weekends, and the Perfect Pair of Jeans”

  1. Congratulations on finding the perfect boyfriend jeans! I too go perusing through Target only instead of looking for jeans I am looking for an actual boyfriend (sigh). To each his own! XO

  2. Love these jeans, it’s funny you found it hard finding boyfriend jeans to fit your figure, I keep finding I’m too curvy for them ? Hopefully I will find my perfect pair one day! I love this look and the cute coffee shop shots too!! Such a fun post!

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