So it’s no secret that I love thrift shopping. I like that it’s sustainable, and that it gives new life to great pieces that still have something left to give. It’s like a game for me, it’s such a rush when I make a good find. Example: earlier this year I found this beautiful Hudson Bay wool blanket. It retails for $600 in the size I got it in, I kid you not, I got this blanket for $65! Score! Anyways, the point here is that thrifting is a hobby of mine, and I like to think I have some pretty good thrift karma.

I tend to go down a list when I walk in to a thrift store. First I check for good furniture (which my husband has banned me from doing, our apartment can’t take anymore furniture), then for shoes, specifically boots, outerwear, and last but not least, ugly sweaters. I can never pass up a good oversized sweater, it’s probably becoming a problem. Seriously, I haven’t counted in a while, but I think I’m over fifteen at this point. Not all of them are cute, but all of them are so cozy and comfortable.

This beauty, is by far my favorite thrifted sweater. It’s long enough to be a dress, the sleeves go past my hands, and the loud floral print is to die for. It’s hand made, and I just love the thought of someone searching for the perfect, slightly obnoxious floral sweater, not finding anything, and saying “eff it, I’ll make my own!”. I would normally just throw this sweater over some leggings and wear it around the house, however, today I decided to jazz it up in to something a little edgy. I paired it with some highwaisted shorts, tights, healed combat boots, and topped it off with a beanie! I don’t normally do shorts in the Fall/Winter, but I think I’m going to have to start. I loved how they brought this look from normal, to edgy and cool, which isn’t something I’d normally associate with a grandma sweater!

In this look: My floral sweater is vintage and thrifted although this one from etsy looks really similar, shorts are from Urban Outfitters, boots are from DSW, beanie is Levi’s
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Photo credit goes to my sister, Kiersten.

Bonus photos of me embarrassing myself by trying to climb the structures in a construction zone. Don’t judge me.



5 thoughts on “Getting Edgy with Grandma Sweaters”

  1. Grandma sweaters are the best!! I used to have one with these obnoxious polka dots on it, but one day I accidentally put it in the dryer…and the rest is history. You’ve made yours so edgy with the shorts and boots, and it’s making me want to find a new one to replace dearly-departed one!

  2. I love sweaters and thrifting as well. I swear you can find better sweaters second hand and they already out of their itchy stage. My best friend and I call good thrift karma “the gift of thrift” and babe, it’s clear you got it!

    1. Ahhh I love it, “the gift of thrift”! I totally agree, the best sweaters I’ve ever gotten, I’ve found in thrift stores. They are already worn in, and you can afford way nicer materials like wool! I feel like new wool sweaters are so pricey, I much prefer to find them second hand.

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