As it turns out, this Fall I have been really drawn to florals and boho styles. I seriously can’t get enough of them! Something about flowy clothes with beautiful little details is just speaking to me this season. However, I’ve been trying to hold back on things that are season specific. Meaning, if it can’t be worn in at least two or three different seasons, then I probably shouldn’t buy it. I am trying (key word: trying) to downsize my wardrobe a little bit, and weed through things that just don’t get touched for most of the year, so it doesn’t make any sense for me to buy something that I will only get a few months use out of.

Luckily (sort of) we generally only have two seasons in Seattle. We have Fall, and Spring. Sure Fall is technically followed by about two weeks of “Winter”, and Spring is followed by about a month of Summer if we are lucky, but our main seasons are Fall and Spring. Meaning light clothes that are good for layering are key!

I found this dress on Asos about a month ago, and thought it checked off all the boxes for what I was looking for! Its a light material, but still long sleeved, so its good for colder weather. It’s not bulky, so I can pile the sweaters and coats on top of it. The pattern is full of beautiful blues, and maroons, which I love for Fall, but I don’t feel like its too dark to wear for Spring. As a bonus I think it will be adorable to bring to Sasquatch next year. Anyways, the point is is that this dress hits all the marks for me, and I love that. I want to start shopping a little more consciously, and I’m calling this one a win!

In this look: My dress is from Asos, boots are Zigi Soho from DSW, and my hat is from Clementine Vintage.
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Photo credit goes to my sister, Kiersten.

14 thoughts on “An Ounce of Flounce”

  1. This is the perfect dress!! The print, the colors, the cut–it’s all so pretty, but what I love most is that it’s so versatile.

    1. Haha yea, it sounds nice. Fall here is wonderful, Spring is my least favorite holiday in the Pacific Northwest though. Its some of the most bipolar weather I’ve ever seen! It will be beautiful and 60 one minute, then ten minutes later it will be pouring and wind stormy.

      They say in spring “if you don’t like the weather, just wait ten minutes!”, and it is so true!

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