Halloween is my second favorite holiday (behind New Years Eve) and I love dressing up. I actually love any excuse to dress up as something fun, my friends and I go to, and have themed parties whenever possible. Its just more fun when you can dress up! I am also a HUGE Doctor Who fan, like really huge. I plan my Christmas’s around the Christmas special episode. I have two Doctor Who costumes in my closet on stand by for anything Doctor Who related that might happen in the area (there are usually a couple events every year in Seattle!), and on top of that, I got all my friends in to the show so we could all watch it together! I’m even planning for my next tattoo to be Doctor Who related! I may or may not have a problem.

I actually made this dress for Emerald City Comic Con a couple years ago, so technically it wasn’t made for this Halloween. However, I love it, and I couldn’t pass up the chance to showcase it! Plus its what I am wearing tonight, so I guess that makes it a Halloween costume. To make this dress I just bought a blue bodycon dress from Forever 21, made a trip to Michael’s for some supplies, and took over the dinning room table for a few days! I used fabric glue and ribbon for the panes, iron on printer paper for the sign, and a candy tin with ribbon attached to a headband to make a little pillbox hat as my light! I topped off the whole thing with my galaxy leggings from Blackmilk Clothing, since I was dressing up as a spaceship/time machine it seemed like a perfect touch!

I hope everyone has a happy Halloween! Be safe, and eat lots of candy!

In this look: My dress is from Forever 21, all supplies to make it in to a TARDIS are from Michael’s, galaxy leggings are from Blackmilk Clothing, and shoes are from DSW
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