One thing that I really love about fashion, is the ability to convey your mood without saying a thing. My personal style tends to cross in to quite a few genres, and there isn’t ever really a constant with it. As much as I love mixing it up, and trying new trends, I think we all have days where we just want something simple and easy. There is nothing quite like those pieces that you can just throw on, and look instantly put together.

One of my favorite brands for this is Madewell. I feel like they are the perfect balance between how I want to dress, and how I actually dress. They have tons of classic pieces that can be incorporated in to something a little more alternative, or worn on their own for a really simple, classic look. I always find myself gravitating towards my Madewell pieces on the days that I just want something easy, comfortable, and still fashionable.

Of all the things I’ve gotten from Madewell, (which for me isn’t a lot, as much as I love them, they are a little out of my price range for frequent purchases) my Central Shirt in chambray stripe is my most versatile, and most worn. There are so many ways to wear a shirt like this, and I love the fit. At $70 its a little steep for my budget, but like I have said, I do believe in investing in quality basics, so I feel like it was totally worth it.

This time I ended up pairing my Central Shirt with skinny jeans, leather booties, and a hat (I always feel more put together with a hat!) for a comfortable look on a warm fall day. This is definitely a go to look for me, on days that I just want to be comfortable, but still want to feel like I made an effort. I like it because its so versatile for anything I could have ended up doing that day. I feel like I could wear something like this out with friends, on a day time date with my husband, or even just lazing around my apartment all day. It is comfortable, classy, and easy to wear! Win, win, win!

In this look: My shirt is the Central Shirt from Madewell, jeans are from Gap, hat is Levi’s, boots are The Frye Company, and my purse is from Modcloth
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Photo credit goes to my sister, Kiersten.

6 thoughts on “Simple in Stripes”

  1. I can definitely relate to your personal style dipping into quite a few genres! But that;s the fun part with fashion – you can be whoever you feel like that day! I love madewell too but I’ve only ever gotten things from the thrift store from them considering the price tag!

    Lee –

    1. I totally agree, it keeps thing fun and interesting! I definitely feel the same way about Madewell, I love them, but I don’t buy anything unless it’s on sale. If you have a student ID you can also use that for 15% off of anything, even sale items!

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