I feel like at this point it is no secret, my style is all over the board. I go simple one day, boho the next, and grunge the next day. What can I say, I have a fear of commitment! There is nothing wrong with being a fashion chameleon though, I feel like personally I have a lot more fun with it than if I were to stick to one cohesive wardrobe. My husband would probably prefer that though, because I take up so much of the closet!

Even though some things tend to cycle through my closet quickly, I still like to make sure to invest in higher quality classic pieces that I know will stick around for years to come. My investment pieces in this look are my Blanc and Noir leather moto jacket, and my Frye harness boots. I try to take my time when pulling the trigger on higher quality pieces. I stalked moto jackets for about three months before I found this one at Nordstrom Rack. Patience is important when you are looking around for a classic piece. I have a terrible habit of getting my mind set on a certain item, then buying cheaper versions of it that aren’t quite what I was looking for. I usually end up with a few items in the same style, but not quite right, and end up spending what I would have on the original item in the end. Over the last year or two I have really tried to get that habit under control, and just save for the original quality piece. In the end it is worth it (if you can) to invest in nicer items that will last you a long time, rather than just going for the cheapest thing you can find that is close to what you want.

I originally wore this outfit to go see Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros over the summer! I tried to channel my inner hippie with it. I loved this dress, it is, like most of my clothes, wonderfully flowy and oversized. It was a steal from Shein , I love using them to test out trends that I might not otherwise try due to cost. I know I just got done talking about the importance of investing in classic pieces, but if I know something might not spend very much time in my closet, I like to save on it! To give it some edge, and some structure I paired it with my moto jacket and black harness boots, and of course it wouldn’t be me if I didn’t pop a hat on top of the whole look!

In this look: My dress is from Shein, moto jacket is Blanc and Noir from Nordstrom Rack, boots are The Frye Company from Buffalo Exchange, hat is from Nordstrom, and my choker is from Urban Outfitters
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Photo credit goes to my sister, Kiersten.

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