Well its official (and has been for a while), it is definitely Fall in Seattle. Its ok, I’m ready for it now! I think as soon as I realized that I could start wearing wool socks again, I was all in.

Another thing getting me excited for the season finally being here is this perfect little fall dress by Love Riche. I picked it up at a shop in Yucca Valley called The Hoof and the Horn while on my honeymoon. They were so nice there, Nick and I were just passing through and checking out the local shops, and asking about things to check out in the area. They were full of helpful advice and great spots to stop, and stay. The store was amazing too. They had all kinds of vintage band t-shirts (I fell in love with their David Bowie shirt, but sadly did not get it), and tons of boho inspired pieces. I realized that I hadn’t really packed anything warm, so I ended up pulling the trigger on this dress because it was so cozy! It was perfect for a date night in Palm Springs that same night. I got a lot of use out of it throughout the trip for all sorts of occasions, it was just so versatile and comfortable.

I love pieces that are easy to just throw on and allow you to just be on your way. I am a very “no fuss” person when it comes to my wardrobe, so I really appreciate clothing that can just carry itself and be an outfit on its own! This little dress totally fits the bill with that. The print is beautiful, and bold enough that it doesn’t need more than a simple necklace. It is flowy enough that I am comfortable no matter what I am doing in it. I love that it has an open back, I am a sucker for a good back on a dress! Its functional too though, the dress itself is very warm, so the back allows an easy way to keep it cool. I am so excited to wear this during the Fall, Winter, and even Spring!

In this look: My dress is by Love Riche I bought it at Hoof and the Horn, my hat and necklace are from Forever 21, my purse is vintage, and my boots are by Frye
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