For the last two days of our honeymoon, Nick and I hit up Santa Rosa, San Francisco, and Berkeley. The whole goal of this trip was actually to make it to Santa Rosa, and go to Russian River Brewing, and it did not disappoint!  Nick and I are huge beer people, we brew it with our friends, we have friends  that own a great taproom that we love to spend time at, and we regularly go on excursions to try new breweries!

Russian River is regarded as one of the best micro breweries in the country (for a good reason, they are amazing!), and sadly they stopped distributing to Washington about five years ago. You can barely even find their beers in Oregon (there are only two spots in Portland that carry it), they are so rare! So it was a huge treat for us to be able to visit the brewery, and try all of their beers (via a sampler) on tap. We were originally really bummed that we had flown down, because it meant that we could only bring back a couple bottles. However, as luck would have it, the people behind us were from the same town that we live in! What are the chances? They had driven down, and offered to drive up any cases that we bought at the brewery. We ended up sending four cases of delicious sours and IPA’s back up to the Seattle area with them, we couldn’t believe our luck!

One thing I really wanted to do while we were in the Bay Area, was go see the Golden Gate Bridge. I have a friend who lives in that area, and despite visiting her quite a few times, I have never been! Well, we couldn’t find that little park that everyone takes pictures at, but we did visit the Coast Guard fort. It was actually really fun to walk around, there were old buildings everywhere, and a couple trails to explore. The bridge was way bigger than I had thought it would be! It was beautiful, and I am so excited to be able to finally check it off my “Bay Area bucket list”.

I had been waiting the entire trip to whip out my Madewell culotte jumpsuit. I have never owned, or worn anything quite like it before, and I pined over it for almost a year before I pulled the trigger on it! I was a little nervous, because I normally don’t wear things that leave me so bare in the stomach area, but it was so comfortable and I felt so confident in it. It made me feel like a 1940’s actress on holiday! We had a lot of fun shooting at the bridge, and a couple places on the way to the city. Nick kept pulling over in different spots “because they were great spots for pictures!”. It made me so happy to see him so in to shooting for me, normally my sister takes all my photos, and I felt a little bad having him do them on our honeymoon. He loved it though, and it was so fun watching him let his creative side out!

In this look: My jumpsuit is from Madewell, sunglasses are Ray-Ban’s, sandals are Saltwater Sandals from Modcloth, and my hat is from Forever 21.
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Here are some of our snapshots from the trip through Santa Rosa, and San Francisco!



Our glorious flight at Russian River Brewing Company!



Our amazing haul!!



We stopped in a tiny town called Nick’s Cove. We couldn’t resist, and had to get a picture of Nick with “his” restaurant.







He is not amused.


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