Our first stop on our honeymoon road trip through California was Joshua Tree National Park, and oh my gosh, Nick and I just fell in love with this place! Being from the Pacific Northwest, hiking usually means wandering through the towering forest on a fairly well laid out path. There is never a question of if you are on the trail or not, because it is obviously the path that leads through the trees.

Well, Joshua Tree was completely different. The high desert was just so beautiful and alien to us. It was a complete polar opposite of what we are used to, and the most perfect way we could have started our trip! Everywhere you turned there was something new to see. I was so taken with all the different kinds of plants and trees, and the landscape was just amazing. The Joshua Trees looked like something out of a Dr. Suess book, I have never seen anything like them before. The minute we pulled in to the area, and started seeing Joshua Trees dotting the fields, we were just so smitten with them.

We had a bit of a panic moment when we realized that we had strayed really far from the trail we were supposed to be following. What was supposed to be a quick hour hike, turned in to about three hours of wandering around the Hidden Valley area to find where the trail was! As it turns out, when there aren’t a ton of trees to frame where you are supposed to be walking, we are a little useless. It was ok though, we didn’t die in the desert or anything, and we were having so much fun climbing the rocks and exploring, that we didn’t even mind getting lost for a while!

My sister made fun of me, and said that I only wanted to go there initially to get some good photos for my blog. That definitely wasn’t my motivation (the motivation was to play National Park bingo across California) but I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t super excited to style something to fit all the beauty around us. I brought along this beautiful boho white dress from Anthropologie, and paired it with a dark green hat, and brown booties. I wanted to throw a bolo tie in there too, but sadly forgot mine at home, so I opted for a necklace with some dried flowers in it instead! I had so much fun wearing this dress in the windy desert, it flows in such a fun way in the bottom, and I felt like a bohemian princess wandering through all the Joshua trees, and cacti.

In this look: My dress is by Tiny, from Anthropologie, sunglasses are from Moorea Seal, hat is Forever 21, necklace is from Modcloth, and my booties are thrifted Aerosoles

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Ok, and if you made it through all that, here are some of the pictures that we just took for fun!











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