My bridal shower was this last weekend, and my future mother in law did an amazing job! I actually feel a little guilty, because my mom threw my fiancè and I a couple’s shower, and I didn’t make a special post or anything about it. Both showers were great though, nice and small, good food, and minimal cheesy games (they’re just not my thing).

I wasn’t originally going to buy anything special for the second shower. With it being so close to the wedding, there are definitely better things my money can go to right now. So, even though I have no white dresses to wear to a shower, aside from my wedding dress, and rehearsal dinner dress, I decided to just wear something I already have (oh boohoo, right?).

Anyways, as my amazing thrift store luck would have it, I found this pretty little swing dress for $12! Its perfect! Its nice and light, easy to wear, and nice and loose so I was perfectly comfortable while eating all the bridal shower goodies! There is nothing worse than wanting to sample a bunch of finger foods in a tight dress, am I right? The dress is by Staring at Stars, so its originally from Urban Outfitters. Going off of their average price for a dress like this, I would imagine it was originally around $75 or more! I paired it with some little peep toe flats, a sun hat, and a back pack!

In this outfit: Thrifted white shift dress (originally from Urban Outfitters), sun hat shoes and necklace are all from Modcloth, and my backpack is from Shein.
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