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One of my favorite things about Seattle summers is the Duck Dodge! Its a sailboat race that happens every Tuesday from May until September out on Lake Union. Its usually themed, and its followed by a giant raft up of all the sailboats for a giant boat party until we get the boot out of the lake! Its amazing, hundreds of sailboats show up every week, and its all set to the beautiful backdrop of the Seattle skyline

I started doing Duck Dodge last summer, and it has been so much fun learning how to sail. Our team is made up of my family, and a few friends that have managed to work their way in as well. We haven’t gotten out quite as much this year due to wedding planning, travels, and boat maintenance, so Tuesday was a real treat! Normally I work lines, but my sister and I played lookout this week. It was nice to be able to relax a little bit, lines are really fun, but it was nice to take in the view, and heckle the other racers.

Seattle is such an amazing city, and it just shines in the summer. There is always something happening, and it is so beautiful. Duck Dodge is just one of the many many things that makes it even more special.

Honestly I ended up just throwing something comfortable on for the race. I usually have to bus to the marina straight from work, so I can’t really wear anything that I can’t carry on the bus in the morning. I will say though, I am so in love with my girlfriend jeans from the Gap. I have been searching for a pair to replace my Target pair, that I just wore in to the ground over the last few years. I paired the jeans with a striped top from Madewell, I couldn’t resist, I had to do something nautical! Then topped the whole outfit off with my woven Sperry’s, because boat shoes, right?

In this outfit: Jeans are the deconstructed girlfriend jeans from The Gap, tank top is the anthem scoop tank from Madewell, shoes are Sperry Top-Siders

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